Bowls Victoria Club Merch Pre Order Program

Want to order merch with no up-front cost and zero hassle?

The Versus Merch Pre-Order program in conjunction with Bowls Victoria is an effective way to raise money for your club and provide new merch for your members without any upfront investment or risk.

The process is very simple, and can be very quickly set up so you can get started! 

Select your products! No matter what you are thinking, we can help you get it all set up for you. Tees, Hoodies, Jackets, Hats, Bags, Beanies and everything in between can be added to your pre order. 

Step 2
The Versus Merch art team will set up images for you to use for each item so they look exactly like the final product, and help you to set prices so that you get the best possible results. 

Step 3
Set up the items for ordering on your online store (if you don't have one, we can set one up for you) and set a end date for your pre order period - we suggest 2-3 weeks.
Step 4
When your pre order period closes, the Versus Merch team will process all orders and deliver them to your for pickup by your members. We can even mail them out to your members if needed. 

Step 5
Once all orders are finished, you'll be transferred all of the profit for pre order! 

How to get started 

If the pre-order program sounds like something that could benefit your club, fill out the below form and the Versus Merch team will be in touch to help you get up and running.  {formbuilder:33298}

Why should you do a pre order? 

There's no risk! There are no minimums, and no out of pocket costs
How much profit will I make? Obviously the more you sell, the more profit you make. If you are selling more than 25 items, you will make approx. $10 profit per item you sell. 

It's an easy way to continue to sell merch without arranging anything. 
You can run as many pre orders as you like, when one finishes, you can start another straight away. 

How much money can I expect to make? 

If you sell 25 t-shirts at a sale price of $25 each you can expect to make $180 profit
If you sell 25 hoodies at a sale price of $55 each you can expect to make $352 profit

Need to include the Bowls Australia logo on your items? 
Not a problem at all, we can arrange that for you too